Disclosure Policy

Mr. Hornberger abides by the American Bar Association and other applicable rules and canons regarding the disclosure of interests or relationships likely to affect impartiality or which might create an appearance of partiality (e.g. Canon II, Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes, American Bar Association, American Arbitration Association, 2004, and the Requirements for the Conduct of Mediation and Mediators as adopted by the Arkansas Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission).

Mr. Hornberger request that any party in a mediation or arbitration for which he is proposed as a mediator or arbitrator to promptly disclose any facts or circumstances leading that party to question his impartiality or independence as soon as that information is reasonably available to the party and, for that purpose, to undertake a reasonable continuing search of publicly available information promptly after learning of his prospective appointment as mediator or arbitrator.